Pdf Vs Physical Books

22 Aug 2019

Burning Books

This is a discussion… no let me correct myself, this is a WAR that has been going on for as long as the world has been in existence. I’m totally exaggerating by the way.

When I started reading books there were only paper books. I’m sure digital formats were present at the time but I’m talking about a time when computers in my country were unheard of… mobile phones were witch craft… and smart phones would have proven that you were the incarnation of Terminator.

The point is, there is a generation that never had a digital format to read from and there is a generation which has seen both side by side. The generation which is going to never see a paperback is yet to come. But I hope it never does.

There is sense of joy and happiness in reading from a physical book. The latest goobers, like the Amazon Kindle and such, are trying to replicate the feeling of paper with the added benefit of reading a digital book.

Yes, I said it. There are benefits of reading from digital formats. I don’t like e-books… or pdfs…whatever. But there are benefits non-the-less.

First and foremost, they are cheap.


Second and for most, they are small.

So Small

Like, so small that thousands can fits on the tip of my thumb… I am talking about having books in a Flash Drive with the flash drive balanced on my thumb.

Third of all, I can print them any time I want. Thug life.

Thug Life

The benefit of physical books on the other hand, for me, is that I feel more connected to the story… I don’t know about you though. One more thing, when I buy a physical book I actually read it. When I download a digital book, for free… thug life, I read it… never. I don’t know about you though.

I did read “Digital Fortress” and five parts of “Harry Potter” without paying for them, thug life. Harry Potter

In the end, as an excuse for my thug life hacks, I didn’t had any money at the time. I spent it all on physical books.