On Possessions

07 Aug 2019

For some reason I don’t get attached to my possessions. I realized that deep down it is the notion that I can not take anything else other than my own body to my grave. Thus, when I die nothing I own will do me any good. So why chase after items that serve no purpose?

When I yearn for something, I ask myself “Why?”. If it is something that is actually needed to live, I buy it. If it isn’t something necessary to make life easier, than it’s a no.

The conversation I make with myself goes something like this:

I want to have an excellent smart phone. Do I need a smartphone? I already have a smart phone. Is there something wrong with the smart phone? There are many things that are wrong. It doesn’t even charge right. Can I afford to buy a new one then? Yes, I can. Then should I buy it? Is there something better I can do with the money? Yes, there are always better things I can do with the money. So, am I going to buy it? No, let get the current one repaired and use the money for something else.