Company Loyalty

03 Aug 2019

My father was loyal to company for 15 years, and what he got in return was… nothing. He was laid off when the company decided to switch its location to another country.

Time and time again I have watched people around me sing the songs of loyalty and then getting screwed over by the company they were loyal to.

Times have changed. There is nothing in return for an employee who remains loyal to a company.

I have signed a number of contracts containing the clause that the company can fire me any time without any reason and prior notice. While on the other hand they ask for a notice months in advance if an employee wants to quit and impose heavy penalties for anyone who wants to leave during the contract period.

Hiring people during large projects and letting them go afterwards is becoming a norm. And then they ask why do you change jobs so frequently.

Work in a company, climb the corporate ladder, and make as much money as you can. Just remember don’t be so loyal as to go down with a sinking ship. Because if you do, you will be the only person going down regardless of your rank.

Just like the company starts firing people on the first sign of distant losses, start looking for a better place as soon as things start to go south.