Fearful Dreading Hearts

06 Oct 2020

When Does A Heart Shake With Fear?

When does a heart shake with fear? Is it when we are about to die? Is it when someone we love is about to die? Is it when we are about to lose something or someone we love?

Take a good look at the sentence above. Look over it again. Read it again. Once more, just to be sure. There is a common theme in all of them. Were you able to find it?

A heart shakes with fear when we are in anticipation. Never when something has already happened. Don’t believe me? Try to remember the last time you were truly frightened to the core. You will find this answer to be true nearly every time.

What do we fear? Do we fear loneliness? Do we fear being left behind? Do we fear a big crowd? Do we fear the great outdoors? None of the fears in this paragraph represent true fears. Fears that can be overcome do not qualify as fear.

Losing someone. Losing oneself. Losing. Losing. Losing. Losing is what truly strikes fear in our hearts. But what about gaining? Can gaining something make our heart shake with fear? Can we be fearful of getting something we wanted? The answer is a resounding “Yes”

If drunkards had all the money in the world they would drink themselves to death. They should be fearful of getting what they want. This was just one example.

There are many things that I want and wish for, but I also realized the consequences of wishes. I am fearful of getting what I want for I will certainly destroy myself like a drunkard who would drink himself to death.

My heart shakes with fear when I listen to the stories of the past. My heart shakes with fear from the thought that all the Greats, and all the Terribles, all the Kings, and all the Generals of the past are now nothing more than dust. And I too shall one day turn to dust. The dust from which I came, I too shall return.

What if there is a day of judgment? What then? My heart shakes with fear when I think about the final destination of those who did others wrong. My heart shakes with fear when I think about those who would ask for justice, justice that was denied to them in this world. My heart shakes with fear when I think about the punishment for those who truly deserve it. My heart shakes with fear for I do not know what MY final destination would be. The anticipation of the result of my deeds and the final destination of mine is what truly makes my heart shake with fear.